About Not In The City

If you’re a UK business and you’re not in a city, you’re less likely to get PR, press attention, and are probably facing trying to do it all yourself. Not to mention the hard work you’re putting in to just keeping your business alive right now. ‘Not In The City’ has been set up to support and promote you and tens of thousands of businesses like you by not only giving you somewhere to tell people about you and what you do but wholeheartedly getting behind you and being your champion. Take a look!

We're on the up - and our partners are too! Just like our towns and communities, Not in the City is growing rapidly. We support and celebrate everything local, giving access to a fantastic array of independent businesses, unique special offers, and stunning places to visit.Do you want to discover and explore all the brilliant experiences - both new, and traditional - that are out there in our communities?The personal service, quirky individuality, and one of a kind offers? You've come to the right place. Now let us show you all the other amazing places you can go.

Due to the re-ignition of local towns and communities, Not in the City is growing rapidly, supporting and generating awareness of the out of city experience to celebrate and gain easy access to an endless array of fantastic businesses, offers and places to visit.

We not only support local businesses and communities, we also provide the general public with what they need to discover and explore new and traditional experiences on a local level, including special offers.

We are here to show you how many fabulous businesses there are locally.

Times have changed, the city is not always the place to visit!  Local businesses offer similar if not better experiences, they’re easily accessible and the bring communities together to improve local areas and celebrate all that we do together.

We are here to let everyone know that there are so many amazing businesses, services and events out of the city. Let's bring people to our vibrant, stunning towns and villages.

Thank you for visiting our site and we really hope you share the same passion as us in bringing life back to our communities.